C-19 HYC Updates

Dear Members

These are “interesting times”, to say the least. COVID-19 changes everything! We realize that the Membership would like to get back to normal as soon as possible and enjoy the Club like years gone by. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the time being. That being said, we are preparing for the eventuality of the sanctions being lifted. What we are seeing is that the Government is lifting sanctions in phases and as these sanctions get lifted, we will adjust accordingly in order to offer access to the Club and its activities in a timely and safe fashion.
Please bear with us as we get this information only as it comes in. This happens day by day and there is no crystal ball. Hopefully, we’ll be opening soon and enjoying the Club in all its glory.

Working together – We got this!

Paul Mathurin,


We will adjust and edit the sections as we have news from the Government and or Club policy changes.
Please scroll down to see the areas that interest you.
The date of the post will indicate the latest information that we have. As the information and dictates change, the posts will be updated and dated accordingly.
Once we have further details of access, opening, and activity dates we will inform the Membership and update this area.

Office Hours

Date: 05-08-20
As of Monday, May 11th the adjusted office hours (until full operations resume and we are fully staffed) will be 8:AM to 4:PM Monday to Friday. All doors to the Clubhouse will be kept locked for security reasons until further notice. The Clubhouse office will be closed on weekends until we bring on the Summer staff.
Please observe social distancing regulations when entering the office are – washrooms will be open in the Clubhouse so please feel free to wash your hands before entering and exiting.


Date: 05-28-20
At this time the Clubhouse remains closed until further notice. All doors to the Clubhouse will be kept locked for security reasons until further notice.


Date: 05-22-20
Right now, other than preparing your boat for launching the Club is closed to gatherings of any kind.

Hand washing/sanitizing stations have been installed on the Club grounds in order to facilitate hygiene regulations.

Bathrooms behind the Canteen:

Bathrooms are now open, we ask that no more than one person enter the bathrooms at the same time so that social distancing and hygiene regulations be respected. Spray bottles with disinfectant and paper towels will be made available. Children will need to be accompanied by an adult for their protection.

Boat Launch Preparation

Date: 05-20-20
GOOD NEWS!!! As of May 2oth members are  permitted to work on their boats in preparation for eventual launching . However everyone must observe the government regulations outlined in the email sent to the Membership May 19th 2020. If you did not read the regulations please scroll to the bottom of this page and read it in it’s entirety. This is important.These are Government regulations that must be observed for everyone’s health and well-being. There are NO EXCEPTIONS – Thanks for your understanding.

Boat Launch

Date: 06-06-20

Good News!!! We started launching boats May 28th.

Please note: During the week Monday to Friday from 7:30 Am to 4: PM the crane will be used exclusively by the maintenance staff for launchings.

We started taking appointments Monday May 25th. Please contact the office for your appointment at 450-458-5326. Make sure your insurance information is up to date and all information has been sent to the office and that all lines and fenders are ready. All debris must be cleared from the cradle including tarps frames strapping etc. We will not be able to launch your boat until all the debris has been cleared for hygiene reasons. Thanks for your understanding.

Members are able to use the ramp for in and out launching of small watercraft. Please keep the launch area clear of your cars and trailers

Dry sail launching and use of the crane. The crane will be available for dry sail launching.

DURING WEEKDAYS: Please make sure the crane is fully available and unencumbered for general boat launching in progress from 7:30AM to 4:00PM Monday to Friday.

Junior Sailing Beach. As of May 20th water access is available for kayaks, paddleboards, and dinghies

Boats – Docks in General

Date: 05-28-20
As of May 28th, the harbour is open with full access to the docks. Social distancing measures are in place. We understand at this time that family members living in the same home will be able to board a boat together otherwise the two-meter social distancing measures will be in place which will vary depending on the size of your craft.
We would ask that social distance be respected on the docks.

Pool and Playground

Date: 06-02-20


The government announced Saturday, May 30th that Public pools will be able to open this summer.

Please stay tuned.

We are working on the final details on how we will manage the pool operations under the COVID-19 regulations.

We will be sending out updates as we receive them.

Pool Programs: TBA


At this time, we do not envision programs being made available. TBA

Beach area

Date: 05-28-20

Unfortunately, at this time, due to Government regulations, the Beach remains closed. We are following the updates closely and as soon as we have any further news, we will share it with the Membership.

Bar & Entertainment

Date: 05-08-20
We are presently working on plans on how to deal with social distancing, ordering, serving, hygiene, capacity, and traffic flow. The plans will be ready shortly. We need to move in concert with Government regulations.

Junior Sailing

Date: 05-08-20
Plans are in action right now on how we might offer “adjusted” programs throughout the summer. With social distancing in place, some programs, unfortunately, will not be possible. However, programs with single-person helming are being considered and a final plan will be ready shortly.

Senior Sailing

Date: 05-08-20,
Plans are in the works and will be shared prior to the boats being launched and the racing begins.


Date: 05-08-20
We are working to formulate plans on how to best deal with the issues of social distancing, hygiene, menus, along with member and staff safety. Once the go-ahead is given, we will notify the membership. The Canteen staff will be well informed and oversee the C-19 measures. Signage will be posted at the canteen area with reminders and instructions to the patrons.

Friday Night BBQ

Date: 05-08-20
At this time, we are assessing the viability of this event. More information soon.

Wednesday Night Dinners

Date: 05-08-20
At this time, we are assessing the viability of this event. More information soon.

Events in General

Date: 05-08-20
All events such as the Opening Dinner Dance, Beach Parties and Fireworks, +++, and other such gatherings have been postponed until further notice.


May 19th email – Phase 1 – PREPARING BOATS FOR LAUNCH – STARTING MAY 20th 2020

HUDSON YACHT CLUB INC.                  

Physical Distancing and Sanitation Directive




Hello Fellow Members,

Good news!

At 5 PM Friday, May 15th we received a directive from Nathalie Matthon the Executive Director of the Quebec Sailing Federation stating that IF clubs are ready with all the safety directives in place, they can open to members       May 20th for boat preparation and eventual launching.

MORE GOOD NEWS – We will be ready!


Message from the Commodore

These exceptional times of COVID-19 require that the Club implement exceptional measures and that its members show a communal spirit and discipline to ensure that we all stay healthy, safe, and have an enjoyable season at the Club.

With optimism and trust in our community, the Club, along with the other members of the Quebec Sailing Federation will use the following Government approved document to ensure that all who come to the Club maintain appropriate physical distancing and sanitation measures. The more robust the measures that we implement are, collectively, the more we will be able to make the case to government authorities that we should be able to open our Clubs for the many activities we so cherish. Failure to adhere to the directives may result in the closure of the Clubs for the rest of the season. Our passion for the various activities must be tempered by our sense of community: we are all in this together and our fondest wish is that we all come through this COVID-19 episode safe and healthy.

Please read this document carefully. The authors consulted government sources, provincial, national, and international sailing federations, and other experts in these matters.

Also remember that as conditions evolve, so will this document.

I wish you the best season we can possibly have!

Paul Mathurin,

Commodore 2020




PLEASE NOTE:  The docks and all other areas of the Club such as the beach, terrace and pool remain closed at this time until further notice.

Part 1 – Objectives and Guiding Principles

The objective of this document is to inform all members of the procedures and requirements in place to ensure that we may safely go to and use the Club, with minimal risk associated with COVID-19, when government authorities allow us to open and advise us as to which activities are permitted.

  1. The requirements in this document are minimum requirements and everyone visiting the Club must act responsibly and in accordance with them. Due to the unique nature of this pandemic, all who visit the Club must recognize that collectively we are doing our best and cannot be held liable should anyone fall sick of COVID-19 or a related illness, after coming to the Club.
  2. Should a member observe that another person at the Club is not respecting a requirement of this guideline, it is acceptable to politely and respectfully ask that person to conform to our requirements. Should the issue not be resolved we ask the member to communicate with

Jim Freeman; Club Manager, Margaret Gaudreau; Club Administrator, Stephane Richard; Maintenance, or any member of the Executive Committee. They have full authority from the Commodore and the Executive Committee of the Club to enforce this Directive.

  1. These are not normal circumstances. All members are asked to be flexible and polite and to compromise when necessary.
  2. This issue of our Directive applies to the activities which will be permitted in the first phase of the reopening of our Club, namely preparing our boats for eventual launch. As the situation evolves, we will issue revised versions which will explain how we will open more of our Club for use.
  3. We are diligently consulting with other experts and associations to ensure that we implement best practices.

Part 2 – Arriving at the Club

In this first phase of opening, please do not come to the Club unless you are doing so to prepare your boat for launch!

  1. Everyone who comes to the Club property for boat preparation shall have first read this document and be ready and equipped to fully abide by its provisions.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, come to the Club if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, if you are living with a person who has such symptoms. If you are under a government mandated self isolation period, you are required to complete it before coming to the Club.
  3. If you have a condition whereby you are immunosuppressed or have a chronic illness, you should consult your physician or the web site at the Institut National de Santé Publique (https://www.inspq.qc.ca/) which has extensive information, to help you decide if you should come to the Club.
  4. In keeping with the latest best practices and given that people are moving about while working on their boats; everyone must wear a mask or face covering over the nose and mouth at all times while working on their boats. Exceptions: Alone inside your boat or away from the boat prep area and completely removed from any other persons.
    1. This is to protect your fellow Club members and staff, should you unknowingly be a carrier of the virus. Note that wearing a mask while working on your boat is always a best practice!
  1. The Club will make the best effort to provide a hand washing station. However, members are kindly requested to bring their own hand sanitizer and use it liberally.
  2. All government-mandated physical distancing and sanitation measures must be fully complied with when you come to the Club.
  3. The three most basic requirements that everyone must respect when at the Club are:
    1. Wear a mask or face covering over the nose and mouth in accordance with these directives.
    2. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (minimum 20 seconds with soap and water) or use hand sanitizer. Please use the wash basins provided in the boat prep area while working on your boats – do not do “post boat prep clean up” in the washrooms.
    3. Maintain six feet or two meters distance from each other.
  4. The Club may post specific directives on notice boards at the Club and on the grounds. Please look out for, read, and respect them.

Part 3 – Working on our Boats in the Yard

  1. When working on and around your boats you must respect these directives, including:
    1. Wear a mask or a face covering the nose and the mouth.
    2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
    3. Maintain physical distancing, including between members of your team as well as those working on the boat next to yours.
  2. As the owner of your boat, you are responsible to ensure that all persons helping you prepare your boat respect these directives.
  3. If you plan to spend most of a day at the Club to work on your boat, we suggest that you bring food and water as well as hand sanitizer. The clubhouse facilities are not currently open.

Part 4 – Access to Club Buildings – Bathrooms and Wash Stations

  1. In this first phase of opening, the Clubhouse building is closed.


  1. Wash stations: Please use these BEFORE using the washrooms. Cleaning boats can be a dirty job and we want to maintain the Washrooms as clean as possible.
    1. Do not use wash stations to clean tools, brushes, or any other materials.
    2. Please use the spray cleaners provided and clean the wash station after use.


  1. Men’s and Women’s washrooms next to the Canteen will be open between 8 AM and 5 PM. These are not to be used as a “Cleanup Spot” after working on your boats.


  1. Hygiene and social distancing must be maintained, no more one (1) person should be in washroom at any given time. Spray bottles with disinfectant and paper towels will be available to wipe surfaces. Please wash your hands when entering and exiting the facilities.

Part 5 – Docks and going on the Water

  1. In phase one of opening, all docks and piers are strictly off limits to members.
  2. No boat whatsoever, other than Club boats used for harbour work, may go on the water.
  3. When docks will be opened, specific instructions will be issued.

Part 6 – Non-members at the Club (helpers or contractors)

  1. If you hire a contractor (or a surveyor) to work on your boat or bring a helper, you are responsible for that person’s conduct at the Club. You must give him or her a copy of these directives and that person must fully respect them. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Contractors are only permitted at the Club when it reopens under this first phase. They must in advance by telephone, provide the Club with the name of the person who hired them, their name, a cell phone number at which they can be reached at all times, and the dates on which they will be at the Club to do the work for which they have been hired.
  3. It is best practice to ask that the contractor sanitize the surfaces of your boat where he was working.

Part 7- Disposing of materials – IMPORTANT

  1. All materials must be handled solely by the owner of the boat.
  2. Club Maintenance crews cannot and will not clean up materials left by owners due to contaminations issues
  3. Materials must be placed in the appropriate bins by the owners.
  4. Shrink wrap must be removed from the premises and disposed of by the owner or their contractor. The Club is not equipped to dispose of this material which must be brought to a Government eco center for disposal. Members failing to do so will be charged a rate of $100hr by the Club to have it removed by a professional disposal company. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Part 8 – Other Facilities – IMPORTANT

A new document will be issued when the Hudson Yacht Club docks are ready and accessible. Our priority in phase 1 is the harbour, preparation, and launching of the boats. Launching of boats, use of the ramp, and use of docks will start once the water levels recede to safe levels and all the docks are in place and safe to use. Not before.

Part 9 – Enforcement

All members shall comply with these directives with civility and politeness to others. The Club reserves the right to reprimand anyone for non-respect of these directives, insist that they be followed, and, at its sole discretion, expel from the property anyone not respecting these directives. Any charges incurred by the Club resulting as a result of non-compliance will be charged to the individual member responsible.

Our Board members and staff are hard at work planning for the best season we can have in accordance with best practices for these activities.