HYC Updates

Please note: Our website largely still reflects much of our original pre-COVID-19 schedule for the 2020 season.

This section reflects Revised Activities and Updates for the current 2020 Season as well as health and safety protocols for COVID-19


Dear fellow Members 


July 17th 2020

Following the latest government announcements related to the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask in closed public places will become mandatory everywhere in Québec as of Saturday, July 18.  This would be the clubhouse, canteen, washrooms and any indoor space at the club.

Who will be required to wear a face mask/cover?
.    Anyone aged 12 and over.
.    For children under 2 years of age, it is not recommended to wear a face cover.
.    For children from 2 to 12 years old, wearing a face cover is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.

When do you have to wear a mask?
.    When you cannot ensure that the 2-metre distancing rule is respected.
.    At all times indoors, except when seated at a table and at a suitable distance from others (2 metres), then the mask can be removed.
.    When moving around (entering, leaving, washroom, or other movement), the mask must be put back on.

According to government guidelines, the Club is responsible for enforcing the rule. If we, as a Club, are caught welcoming members who are not wearing masks, we are liable to a fine of $ 400 to $6,000.

This new directive is an update and adds to protocols already set in place at HYC.  We wish to remind you to continue maintaining physical distancing, hand hygiene and mask-wearing which is essential in keeping staff and members safe.

It certainly is wonderful to see people enjoying the club. We are delighted to see the families on the beach, people out on the water, children in sailing lessons and people beating the heat in the pool. I hope to see you there with a mask please!

Working together – We got this!

Paul Mathurin,

For more information feel free to consult the following Government website:


We will adjust and edit the sections as we have news from the Government and or Club policy changes.
Please scroll down to see the areas that interest you.
The date of the post will indicate the latest information that we have. As the information and dictates change, the posts will be updated and dated accordingly.
Once we have further details of access, opening, and activity dates we will inform the Membership and update this area.

General News

Office Hours

Date: 07-18-20

The office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday. The front door of the Clubhouse will be kept locked during the week for security reasons until further notice. You may enter the Bar area through the backdoors based on Resto-Bar hours (please see Resto-Bar Schedule below). Should you need to see a member of the Administration during the week outside of Resto-Bar Schedule hours – please feel free to call the office at 450-458-5326 and someone will let you in. Thank you for your understanding.

The Clubhouse office will be staffed to answer calls from 10 AM to 3 PM (450-458-5326). The office will be open to receive Members from 12 PM to 3 PM.

Covid-19 protocols – as of July 18-2020
You must wear a mask when entering the office also please observe hygiene and social distancing regulations. Thanks

Updated HYC Mask Policy: 07-18-20

You must have a mask with you when entering Club Property

When do you have to wear a mask?
.    When you cannot ensure that the 2-metre distancing rule can be respected.
.    At all times indoors, except when seated at a table and at a suitable distance from others (2 metres), then the mask can be removed.
.    While in clubhouse / Canteen / Washrooms/ Office/ moving around (entering, leaving, washroom, or other movement), the mask must be put back on.


By now most of you should have received your new Hudson Yacht Club Membership cards by the mail. Each family “Member” should have had a card included in the package mailed out.
If you or a member of your family who is a “Member” has not received the Membership card please contact the office at 450-458-5326 and ask to have the card(s) readied and delivered.

What the card does presently.

  • The card identifies you as a Member of the Hudson Yacht Club.
  • Each card is “loaded” with your name, membership number and your present status as a member. Your status as a member is automatically updated on a regular basis. Example: If you or a member of your family decides to take a leave of absence this would be reflected in the status of that person’s Membership.
  • The Card is charged with a Tap technology which allows the Member to tap a device to show the members name, membership number and membership status. We are presently working on implementing this ability at certain areas of the Club.

When do you need the card.

  • We ask that you have the card with you when you are entering and on Club property.
  • Upon entering the Club property, you will be asked to show your Membership Card to the Security person on duty.
  • Should you not have your card with you the Security person may ask you for your membership number to verify it in the system. Precautions will be taken to keep the number confidential.
  • From time to time the Security person may ask you for your membership number to assure that it is up to date and active in the system.
  • Because of present Covid-19 conditions, from this time forward and until further notice, the Security personnel are unable to handle Members cards.

Please note:
This is a new system and a work in progress which is presently in the refinement stages. There may be some issues from time to time. We ask for your patience and understanding as we identify and rectify any issues that may arise.


Date: 06-29-20

The front door of the  Clubhouse will be kept locked for security reasons until further notice

You may enter the Bar area through the backdoors (please see Resto-Bar Schedule below). The Clubhouse office will be staffed on weekends.

Beach area

Date: 08-02-20

You may have noticed the signs posted on the picnic tables.

This is a friendly reminder to please observe social grouping and distancing regulations.
Have fun, play safe!

Sorry the Club will not be supplying BBQ’s at this time due to Covid-19 hygiene issues.

Picnic tables will be in place for your convenience and comfort.

Please remember that social distancing regulations are in effect.

You must have a mask with you in case it is needed.

There will be a cleaning station on site, and we encourage you to wipe the surfaces of any tables and chairs before and after their use.


Please remember that social distancing regulations are in effect.

You must have a mask with you in case it is needed.

There will be a cleaning station on site, and we encourage you to wipe the surfaces of any tables and chairs before and after their use.

For the time being please use the washrooms in the Canteen area if Clubhouse doors are closed.

Food Service and Bar News

Wednesday and Friday Night Dinners


Wednesday Night August 5th and Friday Night August 7th
Surf and Turf marks mid-season and is the time to celebrate the weeks past and those remaining amongst family and friends. This is a meal meant to languish over! A green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, seared filet mignon and a buttery hot half lobster flattered by scalloped potatoes and steamed seasonal veggies. New York Cheesecake to bring all to seal it all with a kiss. And new wine pairings like the classic Spanish Bull’s blood Sangre de Torro and an organic Cabernet Sauvignon Las Mulas promise to marry perfectly the menu for the evening.

“Le Surf et Le Turf”
3 ‘R’ Salad (Radicchio, Rucola, Romaine) balsamic vinaigrette
Classic Seared Filet Mignon, 1⁄2 lobster, scalloped potatoes, market veggies
Vegan (enchiladas)
NYC Cheesecake

$45 per person


Wednesday Night Dinners: You must have your reservation phoned in (no emails please) no later than 4:pm the Friday prior to the event.

Note: Due to the last minute nature of the first Wednesday night dinner of this season (August 5th) we are accepting reservation up to Monday, August 3rd at 4:pm prior to the event.

Friday Night Dinners: You must have your reservation phoned in (no emails please) no later than 4:pm the Wednesday prior to the event.

Please call the office to book 450-458-5326

  • Reservations are first come first served
  • There are a limited number of outdoor and terrace tables
  • From this time forward we are not offering the option to book multiple evenings at once
  • There will be no changing of tables, or cancellation after the Friday and Wednesday cut off times
  • No bookings will be accepted over the weekends 


HYC Resto-Bar and Terrace

Date: 07-31-20

You can now come to the terrace for lunch!
To accommodate members looking to eat their delicious Furley’s lunch with a glass of wine, or a charcuterie plate and a cocktail, we’re opening up the terrace at noon every day of the week now. Come have lunch with a view!

To ensure your safety and that of the staff you will see some other changes as well:

  • Entrance will be by the side entrance to the terrace (near the beach). Exit will be at the end of the terrace (near the boats)
  • Please disinfect your hands as you walk in. Seat yourself, disinfectant is available on terrace cleaning stations.
  • All tables and chairs are set up to be socially distant bubbles, as such we ask that you do not move any furniture at any time. Please respect 2m social distancing at all times.
  • Drinks can be ordered directly at the bar, or by your server.
  • You must be seated while drinking. No standing with drinks in the bar is permitted.
  • Note that our staff is not allowed to serve alcohol after midnight as per government regulations.
  • Our serving staff is excited to be able to see you all again and will be adapting to their new roles to ensure our safety. We thank members in advance for your patience as the team adjusts.

Resto-Bar Opening Hours

Monday to Wednesday: Noon to 9:00pm

Thursday to Saturday & Holidays: Noon to 11:00pm

Sundays: Noon to 9:00PM

HYC Pub Quiz

Save the date – Pub Quiz & Wing night August 12th

Our last pub quiz on the stone terrace was a great success with a spectacular view of the sunset! Congratulations to repeat winners team Tie Me Down. Our next quiz will be on the 12th and we’ve decided to add chicken wings to the night. Register your team at  hyc.pubquiz@gmail.com , or come on down as a spectator and enjoy some chicken wings!

Thursday Sunset BBQ 6:15 pm

Casual, inexpensive burgers, fresh salads and dessert.

Come down and enjoy the Thursday night racing and our fabulous sunset.

Haaaaappy Hour at the Bar!

Thursdays:  5-pm to 6-pm

Fridays:  5-pm to 6-pm

Come Enjoy!


Date: 07-06-20

Furley’s will be operating the canteen 7 days a week.

Hours will be as follows:  Monday 11-5 – Tuesday 11-5 – Wednesday 11-7 – Thursday 11-7 – Friday 11-7 – Saturday 11-7 – Sunday 11-5

New Furley’s Kids Meals 07-23-20

Kid’s meal – Available Monday to Friday 12h00 to 16h00

Choice of 1 item from each group below – $7.50

A– Side Choices: Watermelon slices (3) or Veggie Straws or Small fries

B– Protein of the day: Monday: Grilled Cheese – Tuesday: Beef Hotdog – Wednesday: Chicken Fingers – Thursday: Poutine – Friday – Kids burger

C– Juice box -Kids Popsicle

Bathrooms behind the Canteen:

Bathrooms are now open, we ask that no more than one person enter the bathrooms at the same time so that social distancing and hygiene regulations be respected. Spray bottles with disinfectant and paper towels will be made available. Children will need to be accompanied by an adult for their protection.

Sailing News

Senior Sailing

Date: 08-02-20


Race #6 of the Single-Handed and Family Series this Thursday, August 6th at 7:00pm

SI’s are on the Official Notice Board at www.hudsonyachtclub.com/notice-board-results/

Please e-mail hycseniorsailing@gmail.com with any questions.

Junior Sailing

Date: 06-23-20
Jr. Sailing has started a limited restart of our single-handed CanSail 3~4 and 5~6 programs.  Our head instructor has been contacting the parents of eligible sailors directly.  If you are the parent of an eligible sailor, and you have not been contacted, please leave your contact information with the office.


Pool News

Pool – see below on how to set up an account.


If you have already set up an account click here to book a swim time: https://hudsonyachtclub.getomnify.com/#!/schedules/

If you don’t have an account yet – follow the instructions below:

See – Opening – Account setup -Booking instructions and protocols.


Date: 06-25-20

Pool programs & updates – Week 1

Hi everyone,
We’re one week into our pool season and happy to report: the reservation system is working very well. Next up: we need your input to build a schedule of pool programs for the summer.
Will there be programs this year?
• Yes. Programs and schedules will be built based on demand, numbers, and interest levels
• We won’t know frequency, dates/times, or pricing until we assess how many children are interested in participating
• There will be no inter-club activities or competitions; only HYC practices and activities
Which programs will we offer?
• Private or semi-private swimming lessons
• Mini swim team
• Synchronized swimming
How do you register for pool programs?
Please reply to the pool email (pool@hudsonyachtclub.com) by Sunday, June 28 at 8 a.m.. and provide the following information:
• Names and ages of children who’d like to participate (including last completed swim level if possible)
• Programs they’re interested in (private or semi-private lessons, mini swim team, synchronized swimming)
When will we share the program schedule and details?
• Next Friday, we’ll email with more details based on your input
• Please email ASAP so we can start the planning process based on numbers and interests
Thanks to all of you for making this a great start to the summer. Huge shout-out to our lifeguards who are working hard between every swim session to clean, reset and maintain health and safety standards so all of us can enjoy the pool this year.
Thanks, everyone!
Leanda Townsend
Pool & Playground Director
• Free swim slots have expanded to now accommodate up to 30 members
• Swimming can be booked one week in advance
• Questions are answered quickly by our lifeguards on-site or by emailing: pool@hudsonyachtclub.com
• Remember: masks are mandatory for any member over the age of 12 when entering the pool area and speaking to the lifeguards.

Opening – Account setup -Booking instructions and protocols.

Date: 06-19-20

Dear Members,

As work continues in opening the pool, we are happy to announce that we will be opening on June 22nd. A lot of work has gone into our preparations this summer as we do our best to mitigate the risks posed by Covid 19. As a result of this, the pool will be operating in a different manner to how it has in previous years.

Those wishing to swim will be allowed to do so only by online reservation (Please see appendices A, B and C for full details on how to set up an account, book a reservation and read what the protocols are). Reservations for a swim slot will open 1 week prior and are done on a first come first served basis. Reservations are also capped at one slot per day.

The pool will be offering recreational swim, adult swim and lap swimming for the next 2 weeks. For the daily schedule please see appendix B.

Starting July 6th, the pool will begin offering programming. This will include:

  • Private and semi-private swim lessons
  • Mini group swim teams
  • Mini group non-contact synchro teams

Further details on these to follow.

Unfortunately, due to the risks posed by Covid 19 we are not able to offer the following:

  • Aqua fit
  • Waterpolo
  • Leaders
  • Bronze programs
  • Moms and Tots swim
  • Masters

The playground will be open but without an animator or organised activities.

As a result of the need to maintain the safety of both staff and members, we ask that you please read appendix C for our new protocols.

For further questions regarding the pool please email HYC at pool@hudsonyachtclub.com

We look forward to seeing you all this summer.

Peace, Love, Swim

Appendix A:

Step 1: Creating an account for you and your family

1. Please click on the link or go to https://hudsonyachtclub.getomnify.com/

2. The page you are brought to should look like the image below.

3. Click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Enter your email address in the area indicated.

5. Fill in all your relevant information including membership

6. Click the “Sign up” button to create your account

7. Your page should now look as follows

8. Click the arrow next to your name to access the drop down menu and then click on “View Profile”

9. You should be brought to the following page where you can click on “Family” to add family members to your account

10. Click on the “Add New Member” button to add other members of your family to your account. (Must only add those people on the same HYC membership account as yourself)

11. When adding new members to your account you are only required to enter their first and last name

Appendix B:

Step 2: Booking a swim time

Weekday Scheduling as of 07-06-20

Time                   Event
7:45–8:45      Adult swim
9:00–12:30   Programming
12:45–13:45  Adult swim
14:00-15:00  Free swim
15:20-16:20  Free swim
16:40-17:40  Free swim
18:00-19:00 Free Swim (Pool closes at 19:00 on Mondays)
19:20-20:00 Free Swim (Tuesday-Friday shallow end only)

Weekend Scheduling

Time                  Event
11:45-12:45    Adult free swim
13:00-14:00  Free Swim
14:20-15:20  Free Swim
15:40-16:40  Free swim
17:00-18:20  Free swim
18:40-20:00 Free swim



1.  You can scroll through each day to see the available swim sessions. to book a class click on “book”

2. You can then select whether you are booking for just yourself or if you will be joined by others in your family

3. You can then select which members of your family will be joining you

4. You will then be brought to this page where you will be asked to accept our terms of service (you must take the time to read this as it contains important information on what is expected of members in light of Covid 19).

5. You can then click “confirm booking” to ensure your swim slot is booked

6. To see your booking click on “go to my profile”

7. Here you can see information on all the classes you have booked by clicking on “details”

8. This gives you the ability to cancel classes anytime without penalty

For any further questions please email pool@hudsonyachtclub.com

Appendix C:

HYC Member COVID Protocol 2020

As a member of HYC I agree to:

  1. Listen to the advice and guidance of HYC members of staff whenever on the club grounds.
  2. Follow all signs and directions
  3. Arrive 10 minutes before my reserved swimming slot and line up in the designated area.
    Any member arriving more than 10 minutes after their swim slot is scheduled to begin,
    without having informed the staff of their late arrival prior, will forfeit their swim slot.
  4. Direct all questions and concerns to the HYC lifeguard at the main desk near the pool entrance.
  5. Maintain 2m distance from other bathers and employees at all times while in the pool and on the pool deck.
  6. Respect the provincial guidelines regarding gathering restrictions at all times.
  7. Wash my hands at the indicated locations before entering the club grounds.
  8. Not enter the club grounds if I have travelled to a foreign country in the last 2 weeks.
  9. Not enter the club grounds if I suspect I have COVID-19 symptoms and/or have been in contact with somebody with COVID-19
  10. Not enter the pool area unless instructed to by an HYC lifeguard.
  11. Wear a mask during the check-in process at the pool entrance if I am 12 years of age or older. After clearing the check-in process masks may then be removed and placed in a plastic bag.
  12. Not share any equipment (e.g. goggles, towels) with anyone except other members of my immediate family
  13. Never enter the area surrounding the pool house, designated solely for lifeguards (area will be roped off)
  14. Only enter and exit the pool area through the designated entrance and exit gates.
  15. Abide by these guidelines with civility and courtesy to all staff and other members
  16. Educate my immediate family on the above regulations
  17. Ensure these regulations are followed by other members of my immediate family


The danger of exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 exists.

By entering the pool, you take responsibility for your own protection and for disinfecting your hands and anything you touch in the pool area.

Do not use the pool if you have a cough, fever or other symptoms of illness.

Maintain at least 6 feet between you and other people who are not a part of your household.

Each family is allocated a pair of chairs to place their personal belongings before entering the pool. Members should NOT move any chairs in the pool area from the location they have been assigned.


HYC Child Pool Supervision Policy 06-26-20

Based on the recommendations from the Minister of Education, The Lifesaving Society and The Canadian Red Cross=

-All children under the age of 12 are to be supervised by a parent or guardian of at least 14 years of age while in the pool area

-If the guardian is under 18 years of age, they must be able to complete a swim test (tread water 60 sec and swim 25 m)

-According to the policy, any child who cannot swim independently requires the guardian/parent to be at arm’s length at all times while the child is in the pool regardless if the child is wearing a PFD

– This policy is to reduce and control risk factors and are vital for the safety of all

HYC staff maintain the right to refuse entry to any customers who show up late to their reserved swimming slot or who do not follow the above regulations. This is to maintain the safety of HYC employees as well as club members.

Harbour News

Boat Launch

Members are able to use the ramp for in and out launching of small watercraft. Please keep the launch area clear of your cars and trailers

Dry sail launching and use of the crane. The crane will be available for dry sail launching.

DURING WEEKDAYS: Please make sure the crane is fully available and unencumbered for general boat launching in progress from 7:30AM to 4:00PM Monday to Friday.

Junior Sailing Beach. As of May 20th water access is available for kayaks, paddleboards, and dinghies

Boats – Docks in General

Date: 05-28-20
As of May 28th, the harbour is open with full access to the docks. Social distancing measures are in place. We understand at this time that family members living in the same home will be able to board a boat together otherwise the two-meter social distancing measures will be in place which will vary depending on the size of your craft.
We would ask that social distance be respected on the docks.


Ladies Committee News

Communication regarding 2020 Season

Date: 06-21-20

To all Hudson Yacht Club Members,

With great consideration, we have come to the decision that all Ladies Committee events are postponed for the 2020 season.

In the meantime, you can find some of our great recipes in the Centennial Ladies Committee Cookbook which is available at the HYC Boutique, or participate in our contest!

Will you be making a beautiful meal for family and friends this summer? Enter our #Digital-Dinner / #photo-my-food / food-for-family / other??  contest by posting a picture and description of a brag-worthy meal on Facebook and tag @HudsonYatchClub. The meal must include a main, sides, and a dessert.

The winner (by a draw on Labour Day) will receive a table for 6 people at a Ladies Committee Event (your choice) for 2021.  If the winning entry includes an item found in our Ladies Committee Cookbook, we’ll throw in a bottle of wine with the prize!

We hope that everyone is staying safe with their families.

Good luck and get cooking!

Your dedicated Volunteer group – Ladies Committee Executives

Andrea Grinham (President)

Megan Osler (Past President)

Christine Zigby (Vice-President)

Amelia Robinson (Member at Large)

Anne Tetro (Treasurer)

Kirsten Bowser (Secretary)

Events in General

Date: 05-08-20
All events such as the Opening Dinner Dance, Beach Parties and Fireworks, +++, and other such gatherings have been postponed until further notice.


A friendly reminder about some of the Club policies


As you have noticed, guard rails have been placed at the front gate in order to control the flow of traffic in to and out of the parking lot.

Members are asked to respect and follow the directions of the attendant on duty.


A non-member may be invited as a guest to the Club no more than two times per season whether invited by the same member on both occasions or not.

It is a member’s responsibility to register their guests with the gate attendant.


Car stickers will only be issued for new vehicles or replaced windshields.

To get yours, please contact the Club office and supply the make and colour of the vehicle and the license plate number.

DINGHY DRY SAIL (canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, lasers, etc.)

All watercraft must be register with the Club office.

The cost is calculated at a rate (length x beam) of $2.03.

Boats not displaying the official HYC sticker will be temporarily impounded until the proper registration has been completed.

Please remember that these are all member’s privately-owned boats,

therefore not for anyone but the owner’s use.


Lockers may be rented at a nominal fee in the dry sail/Brig area.

Lockers are reserved/assigned on an annual basis and on a first-come-first-served basis and must be emptied no later than October 31st.

Please be sure to contact the Club office to inquire as to which lockers are available.


For all upcoming events, activities, etc., please be sure to regularly check the club’s website at www.hudsonyachtclub.com. See: Click Here for HYC News And Updates

Our weekly Email newsletters  are also a great way to stay up to date and informed! If you want to add your name to the list please contact the club office : 450-458-5326


Members are kindly asked to refrain from ‘reserving’ seats by leaving tablecloths and personal belongings when not in the immediate area of these items.


With the health and safety of our Administration staff in mind, members are reminded that they can pay their accounts through the following banking institutions:

BMO, RBC, TD Canada Trust, Banque Nationale or CIBC.

Select ‘Hudson Yacht Club’ as the payee and make sure your account number (HYC membership/chit number) is included.


administration: info@hudsonyachtclub.com, margaret@hudsonyachtclub.com

accounting: accounting@hudsonyachtclub.com

Manager: manager@hudsonyachtclub.com

Office number : 450-458-5326