Raising of the Clubhouse

Dear Members,

At the end of July, there were two Member Consultation meetings conducted in order to provide the Membership an opportunity to learn about the scope of the project, the work that it would entail and how HYC envisions paying for it.

The presentation is available below for your review.

You may also click on the following links to review the new detailed questions and answers that have been updated, Artistic Renderings from the contracted Landscaping Artchitect and Questions and associated Answers that were deliberated during the consultation meetings

New – Detailed Q & A

Artistic Rendering – Overhead View

Artistic Rendering – Front Entrance View

Artistic Rendering – Lake to Bar Terrace View

Artistic Rendering – Lake to Stone Terrace View

1st Consultation Meeting Q & A – Monday, July 24th

2nd Consultation Meeting Q & A – Sunday, July 30th


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please address them to the Commodore or the Clubhouse Lifting Committee. You may do so by mail, dropping off a letter to the office or by email to manager@hudsonyachtclub.com