Visiting Yacht Policy

The Hudson Yacht Club welcomes all visiting boaters from bona fide yacht clubs to tie up and use our facilities. The clubs recognized are those who are members of the C.Y.A., F.V.Q. or U.S. SAILING.

Arrival And Registration

Upon arrival, visitors must register at the Club office. Should the office be closed, please register at the bar. If the bar is closed, please identify yourself at the main gate and register at the office the following morning. A visitor’s pass will be issued to you then.

Reciprocal Club Members

For members of reciprocating yacht clubs, the first night is free; for subsequent nights (up to 7 consecutive nights) the charge is $2.00 per linear foot (+taxes).

Visitors from reciprocating clubs are limited to two free nights per season (on two different visits).

Identification is required to confirm membership at a reciprocating club. This can be in the form of the club card or a letter of introduction from the Club Manager.

Non-Reciprocal Club Members

Visitors from non-reciprocating clubs will be charged $2.45 per linear foot (+taxes) for the night.

Visitors from non-reciprocating clubs are limited to only two one-night visits per season.

Your cooperation in abiding by the Club rules is appreciated. Please follow all directions of the club staff.


An H.Y.C. staff member will direct you to an open berth if there is one available. If one is not available, you will be required to tie-up on the outside of the concrete “L” Pier. Unfortunately we are unable to confirm reservations for docking within the harbour. Our visiting yacht policy is on a first come basis.


Children are most welcome, however please note that an adult must accompany children under 12 years of age on the piers and the docks. Children are not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the terrace.


Pets are not permitted on any part of the club property unless on a leash and then only for the purpose of going to and from a boat.


BBQs are not permitted on the docks or piers or visitor’s boats.

Gas BBQs are available to visitors in designated areas and on the beach at no charge.


The club does not have gas or diesel facilities.

Any refueling from a Jerry can must be done at the service dock located at the Club crane in accordance with club regulations.

Refueling (gas only) is available 2 nautical miles across the lake.

The nearest diesel is 10km to the west on the Ottawa road. Any visitor in trouble would be sure to find a helping hand from one of our members.


The Club is supervised by Club security staff throughout the night. If you have any problems, contact them at the gatehouse or on the grounds for assistance.


The clubhouse is open from 8:30 to bar closing seven days a week. The bar schedule is available at the Club office. Washroom and shower facilities are located in a separate building adjacent to the clubhouse.

Dress Code

Sailor’s dress is normally acceptable in the Clubhouse and Bar unless a special event is scheduled. A bathing suit is not sailors’ dress unless worn with an appropriate top. Footwear is compulsory in the Clubhouse, Bar and Terrace.

The Bar

A licensed bar is located at the west side of the clubhouse. Children are not permitted in the bar nor on the terrace outside the bar at any time.

Dining Facilities

The club does not have a formal dining room but sandwiches, and other snacks can be obtained at the Canteen. The Club has an excellent BBQ and salad bar every Friday night to which you are most welcome.

Swimming Pool

Visiting Boaters are welcome to use the pool. Please contact the pool lifeguards regarding pool hours and swimming schedules.


Ice is available at the bar at a nominal charge.

Water And Power (15/20 amp)

These are available on the docks at no charge to visitors.


This is located by the cranes and is available to reciprocal yacht club members at a $20.00 fee. Visitors from non-reciprocating yacht clubs using this facility will be charged $30.00. The club staff will provide assistance if required (weekdays only).

General Information

    • Payment: The club will accept payment either by credit card, cash, cheque or chit provided there is an existing reciprocal agreement and proof of identification.
    • The club is situated within 5 minutes walking distance to local stores, banks and family restaurants in the village.
    • A good selection of Specialty shops and boutiques can also be found in the village.
    • We also have some excellent restaurants available close by or within 5 kilometers of the club.
    • A local taxi service is available.

Important Telephone Numbers

Police, Fire & Medical Emergency: 911
Coast Guard Rescue: 1-800-463-4393
Community Patrol: 514-409-4122
Medical Centre: 450-458-5393
Poison Control: 1-800-463-5060
HYC Tel: 450-458-5326
HYC Fax: 450-458-5141
Hudson Taxi:450-458-4722

The Hudson Yacht Club monitors Channel 68 from noon to closing.

We hope that you have an enjoyable stay with us at Hudson Yacht Club.