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General News

Winter Office Hours

The office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday to Thursday 8 AM to 3 PM Friday. The front door of the Clubhouse will be kept locked during the week for security reasons until further notice please feel free to call the office at 450-458-5326 and someone will let you in. Thank you for your understanding.

The Clubhouse office will be closed.

Covid-19 protocols
You must wear a mask when entering the office also please observe hygiene and social distancing regulations. Thanks

 HYC Mask Policy:

You must have a mask with you when entering Club Property

When do you have to wear a mask?
.    When you cannot ensure that the 2-metre distancing rule can be respected.
.    At all times indoors, except when seated at a table and at a suitable distance from others (2 metres), then the mask can be removed.
.    While in clubhouse / Canteen / Washrooms/ Office/ moving around (entering, leaving, washroom, or other movement), the mask must be put back on.


By now most of you should have received your new Hudson Yacht Club Membership cards by the mail. Each family “Member” should have had a card included in the package mailed out.
If you or a member of your family who is a “Member” has not received the Membership card please contact the office at 450-458-5326 and ask to have the card(s) readied and delivered.

What the card does presently.

  • The card identifies you as a Member of the Hudson Yacht Club.
  • Each card is “loaded” with your name, membership number and your present status as a member. Your status as a member is automatically updated on a regular basis. Example: If you or a member of your family decides to take a leave of absence this would be reflected in the status of that person’s Membership.
  • The Card is charged with a Tap technology which allows the Member to tap a device to show the members name, membership number and membership status. We are presently working on implementing this ability at certain areas of the Club.

When do you need the card.

  • We ask that you have the card with you when you are entering and on Club property.
  • Upon entering the Club property, you will be asked to show your Membership Card to the Security person on duty.
  • Should you not have your card with you the Security person may ask you for your membership number to verify it in the system. Precautions will be taken to keep the number confidential.
  • From time to time the Security person may ask you for your membership number to assure that it is up to date and active in the system.
  • Because of present Covid-19 conditions, from this time forward and until further notice, the Security personnel are unable to handle Members cards.

Please note:
This is a new system and a work in progress which is presently in the refinement stages. There may be some issues from time to time. We ask for your patience and understanding as we identify and rectify any issues that may arise.


The front door of the  Clubhouse will be kept locked for security reasons until further notice.








Manager: manager@hudsonyachtclub.com

Office number : 450-458-5326