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NO-SMOKING POLICY (which includes all tobacco, electronic cigarettes & cannabis)

All buildings are declared as ‘smoke free’ areas. Smoking is not permitted on all Club clocks/piers, bar/terrace. beach, playground and less than 9 meters away from any open doorway or window.


Although the majority of H.Y.C. affairs are smart casual, we do maintain a dress code for the Opening Dinner Dance and Closing Dance Party: Please refer to the weekly emails and posters for further details.

At all other times sailor’s dress and/or appropriate sportswear is required in the Clubhouse, on the verandah and terrace. A bathing suit is not sailor’s dress unless worn with an appropriate top. In exception to the foregoing. bathing suits will be permitted on the terrace until 5:00 p.m. on all clays except weekends and holidays. Footwear is compulsory in the Clubhouse, Bar and Terrace.


Reservations for all events other than Ladies Committee Events, are made through the Club Office, in person or by phone, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. These reservations can be made, as far in advance as you wish and will be charged to your account. Events requiring reservations are open to “Members Only’1, until 1 weeks before the event. lf space permits, guests will be allowed after that. We regret that we cannot cancel reservations during the week prior to the event. Your account will be charged unless tickets can be resold.

Space is often limited.

Membership Fees and Accounts

Membership Fees are billed twice a year with the first installment due BEFORE MARCH 1st and the second installment due BEFORE MAY 1st, with the following exception: One hundred percent of the annual fees for Non-Residents is payable BEFORE MARCH 1st. Individuals wishing to resign their membership must inform the Club in writing before May 1st and will be subject to charges for the current season if notification is not received prior to this date. All accounts, bar and others, are due upon receipt. Members who do not pay in accordance with the Club By-Laws will be subject to posting and possible termination of membership. Members who have been dropped for non-payment of accounts, before being readmitted, must pay all an-ears and send a written request for re-instatement to the Board of Directors. (add document link) Any member who has been dropped twice within a four-year period and wishes to be re-instated will be placed at the bottom of any active waiting list. Should a member be dropped three times within an eight-year period he/she will not be eligible for re-instatement. Should the individual wish to pursue membership in the Club he/she must submit a new application and will be subject to payment of full entrance fees if his/her application is accepted.


  1. A Non-Member may be invited as a guest to the Club no more than two times per season whether invited by the same member on both occasions or not.
  2. It is a Member’s responsibility to register a guest in the Guest Register at the gate.
  3. A special membership is available for (out-of-town) house guests.
  4. Members hiring Non-Members to supervise their children on H.Y.C. grounds must apply for a Family Helper pass.

Application forms for Family Helpers, Companions (Escorts) House Guests, Caregivers, Escorted Minors and Limited Crew memberships are available at the Club office. For additional information please email


Members of the staff are responsible and answerable to the Club Manager who in tum reports to the Flag Officers. Any compliments or complaints regarding staff must be addressed to the Club Manager.


  1. Members are asked to stop at the front gate to greet the guard and register visiting guests and receive any special instructions or parking directions.
  2. Members are asked to park in the parking lot and to use their vehicles beyond this area only for the purposes of loading and unloading passengers or supplies.
  3. Members are asked to operate their vehicles responsibly and within the speed limit on the grounds at all times. Be especially vigilant during large events and at all times near the pool/ playground, sailing and canteen areas where children and adults are playing.


Club Staff are not permitted to accept supervision or surveillance of a member’s private property and cannot be held responsible.


(Under 18 Years of Age)

  1. Junior members are always allowed on the lower terrace near the gazebo but are only permitted in the clubhouse, verandah and terrace on specially sanctioned occasions such as junior regattas, movie nights, etc.
  2. Junior members are allowed on the Webb Pier, Senecal Pier and “L” Pier (or on club floats) only while being supervised by a guardian.
  3. Junior members are allowed the use of club boats only when specially authorized.
  4. Junior members are required to store their personal bicycles, skateboards and roller blades in the racks by the main gate upon entering the club.
  5. Junior members are permitted on club grounds after sunset only when accompanied by a guardian or on specially sanctioned occasions.
  6. Junior members are not permitted to smoke on club property.

WATER-SKIING AND/OR SWIMMING in the harbour or from the “L” Pier and Visitors Dock are prohibited. Fishing is only permitted on the Webb Pier, located in front of the Clubhouse, when the pier is not being used for other purposes. Children are forbidden on all docks and piers unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

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