Founded in 1909, the Hudson Yacht Club was established as a private, Member-run club for residents of Hudson and environs.

Since its inception, the club has maintained a strong family orientation.

The Hudson Yacht Club has prospered thanks to the efforts of its Membership. To this day, the spirit of participation and volunteerism, instilled by our founding members, is what gives the Club its special character.

Over the years, H.Y.C. has fostered interests in yachting and a variety of aquatic activities and has organized an extensive schedule of recreational and social events.

Summers are filled with social activities at H.Y.C. Some of our most popular events include the Friday night BBQ’s and our monthly beach parties, when parents and children alike can dance away the afternoon and evening to live music.

The Ladies’ Committee serves sumptuous dinners on Wednesday evenings. There are also theme nights, our magnificent fireworks display on Canada Day and our equally sensational Labour Day Regatta weekend celebrations.

Club Charter

The Hudson Yacht Club, established to foster an interest in yachting and aquatic activities, has prospered on its traditions of fellowship, camaraderie, volunteerism and self-help. Membership is a privilege with which comes the responsibility of maintaining those traditions. Members should take pride in their Club and contribute to its spirit of cooperation to ensure continued success for generations to come.

HYC COVID 19 UPDATES - April 21, 2021

To maintain the privilege of enjoying HYC this summer, we must continue to respect the basic public health rules that we all know: you must have a mask to enter the property, no gatherings, 2-meter distance, always wear a mask while on the grounds when physical distancing cannot be respected.  Sanitation stations available on site. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home.

Click on link below for local Covid-19 measures in our community.

Local Covid-19 measures in our community.