Jack Howlett Corinthian Fund

The Jack Howlett Corinthian Fund


The Jack Howlett Corinthian Fund shall be used to offer financial support to those members of the Club whom the Committee deems deserving in any or all aspects of aquatic sports at levels beyond basic involvement at the Club.

This refers to events that would be considered National, International or World Class.

Members may directly petition the Committee for support, or the Committee may suggest and approve funding on its own initiative.


The Jack Howlett Corinthian Fund was initially seeded by Sail East funds. Subsequently an annual minimum charge or assessment of $5.00 per Senior member will be used to sustain the fund. Any gifts or donations are also welcome.

The minimum fund level of $10,000 is to be maintained. The Committee may draw the fund to its minimum level in any given year.

Requests for funds must be submitted to the Committee prior to September 30th in any given year and accounted for in the current fiscal year.

Grants to any member in any given year are limited to $1,500 for National events, $2,500 for International events and $4,000 for World Class events.

Assessment charges may be reviewed annually by the Committee, who shall report their findings to the Board of Directors.


The Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members nominated by the Sailing Director and ratified by the Board of Directors, and will report to the Rear Commodore, who will serve as a non-voting liaison to the Board of Directors.

Nominees shall be brought to the Board of Directors no later than March 15th in any calendar year. To ensure continuity, it is recommended that Committee members should serve a minimum term of two years and only one member should be replaced in any given year.


Recognition of grants to members shall be made at any appropriate event such as the Pool and Playground, Junior Sailing or Senior Sailing Awards Dinners.



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