Pool & Playground Information

Pool & playground information

Reserving Pool Time **All members must set up a new account for 2022**
Pool use is for members only for the 2022 season due to the Covid capacity restrictions. TBA

2021 Pool Scheduling Information:

  • 2022 Pre Season Pool Schedule TBA
  • 2022 Post Season Pool Schedule TBA
  • Swimming Lesson  Schedule Session TBA
  • Parents & Tots TBA
  • Swim Team, Synchro & Leader Groups TBA
  • Aquafit Session Schedule TBA
  • 2022 ALP  Swim Meet Schedule – TBA

Pool Program Registration and Recreational Swimming

TBA for 2022 season

POOL INFORMATION – July 12th, 2021 Update

New Covid-19 Pool Capacity Protocols as of July 12th

As the Covid-19 situation has continued to improve, we have vigilantly been monitoring all
relevant updates from the Quebec government regarding public health policies. With the
recent announcement that social distancing rules will be relaxed to 1 meter starting this
Monday (July 12th), we now have the opportunity to begin increasing our maximum pool
capacity. This will be done in a cautious and well-planned manner to ensure we are able to
offer more pool space in the safest way possible. Below are all the new capacity limits that
will be in place as of July 12th. These numbers include all people in the pool area, even
those who do not intend to swim.
Free Swim: 50 people
Baby Pool: 12 people
(Including both babies and parents)
Adult Lap Swim: 16 people
(4 per lane)
Adult Free Swim (shallow end): 16 people
Aquafit: 16 people
(Those who registered will be contacted directly if there is room for them in more sessions)
Class sizes for all other programming will remain the same for now.
These numbers will be regularly revisited to ensure they are in line with the current health
guidelines in effect and will be changed accordingly as the situation develops.
For any further questions please contact the pool at pool@hudsonyachtclub.com

POOL INFORMATION – June 7th, 2021 Update



The preparation of the pool for the pre-season opening on Saturday June 12 is on target. Here is the schedule for the first half of the pre-season recreational swimming program.
  • Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 – 13h00-13h45 senior swim, 14h00-18h00 open swim
  • Monday June 14 through Friday June 18 – 14h00-14h45 senior swim, 15h00-18h00 open swim.
  • Saturday June 19 and Sunday June 20 – 13h00-13h45 senior swim, 14h00-18h00 open swim.
Respecting the limitations of the COVID protocol we will be using the same registration process which was used in 2020 to control the number of members using the pool in each one hour block.

The pre-season schedule is governed by the weather conditions. 

Please consult the google calendar on the HYC website for future updates.


POOL INFORMATION – May 28th, 2021 Update

The preparation of the pool for the 2021 season is well underway with a planned June 12th pre-season opening date, weather permitting. Free swim and lap swim will be offered, with preseason hours of operation to follow shortly. Omnify bookings will be made available starting June 7th.

Signup for programming will be available starting June 1st -CLOSED .


The recreational swim periods will be governed by the same online registration process we used last year (Omnify) with the hope of being able to allow a similar capacity as last year. Sessions will again run in one-hour blocks, with the first 45 mins for swimming, and the remaining 15 mins used to disinfect all surfaces before the following session begins. Members may select one block per day each week. When blocks are not full, members may enter the pool area on a ‘walk-up’ basis until we have reached our maximum capacity. The posting of a yellow flag at the pool entrance indicates that the maximum capacity has been reached while a blue flag shows that space is available. Members should note that during this period of restricted availability access to the pool is for members only.  Registration for the first portion of the pre-season schedule will open June 7th.


We plan on offering swim lessons, swim team and synchro in a similar format to last year. We also plan on offering parents and tots in addition to leaders if a minimal level of interest is reached. Any programming offered this summer will be in full accordance with the requirements laid out by the Quebec Government regarding COVID safety.


There will be four sessions each two weeks in length beginning June 28th and concluding August 22nd. Lessons will all be taught in a group format, respecting all COVID 19 guidelines. For children in levels Animals – Level 3, parents must accompany their children in the water at all times. Registration for session one will begin June 1st and close June 4th. Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis, with limited spots available. Those who do not manage to get their first option will be given priority for the next session.

To sign up, please rank your preferences from 1-5 for the following 5 sessions.

  • Weekday Session 1 (June 28-July 9)
  • Weekday Session 2 (July 12-July 23)
  • Weekday Session 3 (July 26-August 6)
  • Weekday Session 4 (August 9-August 20)
  • Weekend Session (once a week from June 28/29-August 21/22)

Lessons may be held between 9h00 and 13h00 Monday through Friday.  They are also offered on weekend mornings (once a week for 8 weeks). All lesson sessions are 30 minutes long. Once the registration has been completed the members will be contacted and provided the schedule information.


The swim team is divided into age group categories: 8, 9-10, 11-12, 13 and over. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer under 8 swim team and guppies this summer. Training sessions are held Monday through Friday between 10h00 and 13h00. The schedule will be determined once registration has been completed and the participants will be contacted. Swim team sessions run in 30–45-minute sessions and are 3-4 times per week depending on age group.

An orientation session will be held on June 25th and the full training program will begin June 28th.


Offered on weekend mornings (Saturday and Sundays), for 45 min-1 hour sessions, similar to last summer’s model.


Offered once a week for 1 hour, exact dates to be confirmed. Limited spots are available. Will only be offered with minimum signup.


This program teaches leadership skills and how to apply them to volunteering and social activities. Offered once a week for 1 hour, exact dates to be confirmed. Limited spots are available. Will only be offered with minimum signup. Ages 10+


Aquafit information
Aquafit will start June 28th and run for 8 weeks, through to August 20th. There will be 4 sessions, each 2 weeks in length with 2 classes per week. Classes will take place on weekdays from 13:00-13:45 on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.
Session 1: June 28th – July 9th
Session 2: July 12th – July 23rd
Session 3: July 26th – August 6th
Session 4: August 9th – August 20th
Registration for Aquafit will open at 12:30 on Thursday, June 24th at the pool front desk.
When registering, please rank the 4 sessions in order of preference.
Cost: $25 per 2-week session
There will be a maximum of 12 participants per class and 2 meters must be maintained between members at all times during sessions.

At the present time the following programs will not be running for the 2021 season:

Masters, Water polo, Bronze Medallion, and Bronze Cross


Activity: Cost:
Group swimming lessons (weekday) $100 (per 2-week session, 10 classes)
Group swimming lessons (weekend) $80 (8 weeks)
Swim team (8, 9/10) $90 (8 weeks)
Swim team (11/12, 13 and over) $120 (8 weeks)
Synchronized swimming $96 (8 weeks)
Parents and Tots $80 (8 weeks)
Leaders $50 (8 weeks)

We will not be offering pool passes this summer.

  • Telephone registrations are NOT accepted.
  • Registration Opens: JUNE 1, 2021 at noon-Closed
  • All registration forms must be completed and handed in no later than June 4, 2021
  • Due to the success of many of our programs, registration will be available only on a 1st come 1st served basis WITH EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILTY DUE COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS.
  • After this date, we cannot guarantee availability in programs and a $20.00 per program late fee will apply.
  • Junior Swimming Programs – Online Registration form – will be posted JUNE 1 AT NOON.-Closed
  • Adult Programs (Aquafit) Online Registration Form – TBA
  • Playground Program Information – TBA

Playground Information

  • The Playground officially opens: N/A
  • A Playground Animator will be on duty weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to coordinate games and activities.
  • All junior members are encouraged to participate. However, a parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 7 and members are responsible for their children at all times.

Questions or Comments

Should you have any questions or comments regarding anything related to the Pool & Playground areas, please email our Lifeguards as of MAY 28TH to pool@hudsonyachtclub.com .

Your email will be acknowledged within 24 hrs.

Parents are reminded that they should not be speaking to coaches while they are conducting lessons.