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Registration (click to expand)

Telephone registrations are NOT accepted.

Registration Opens ONLINE: MAY 15, 2023 at noon

Online registration must be completed and submitted no later than MAY 26, 2023.

Due to the success of many of our programs, registration will be available only on a 1st come 1st served basis.

After this date, we cannot guarantee availability in programs and a $30.00 per program late fee will apply.

Cancellation fees of $30 per program will be applied once programming starts on June 26, 2023.


2023 Pool Scheduling, Olympic Way, ALPS Information (click to expand)

Pool Program Registration and Recreational Swimming

HYC’s Pool and Playground programs are designed to make the summer an effortlessly fun-filled one. Please review this information to better understand what to expect from the Pool and Playground this summer in order to make the experience a great one for your whole family. 

Our staff come to work to make the Pool and Playground an enjoyable experience for you and your children, and it is important that our staff be treated with courtesy and respect. This means that aggressive or violent behavior towards our staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Anyone giving verbal abuse to members of staff, either in person, via email or over the phone, will be sent a letter advising that this behavior will not be tolerated.  Any future violation of this policy could result in the member being banned from participating in any pool and playground activities for the remainder of the season. We feel sure that you will understand that proper behavior is absolutely necessary for our staff and that non-observance will not be accepted.


Junior Swim Lessons (click to expand)

HYC offers lessons to our junior members that adhere to the Olympic Way Swimming lessons are a great way to learn how to swim or improve your stroke while having fun in the summer pool. Wide ranges of swimming levels are taught at HYC. Whether your child has never swum before or only needs to perfect their stroke, they will find a suitable level at the HYC Pool. They are offered from Monday to Friday in 30-45 minutes sessions from 8:00am to 12:00am. The lessons are offered in 2 x 3 week sessions and 1 x two week session. 

Session 1: June 26th to July 14thSession 2: July 17th to August 4th Session 3: August 7th to August 18th (2 week session)


Parents & Tots Ages six months to 24 months, accompanied by an adult  (click to expand)

The "Parents and Tots" program the mother/father/guardian will enjoy a 30-minute fun/safe introduction to the water. For this program only, a parent or guardian must be in the pool with the child. Please note that there needs to be a minimum of 8 registrants in this program for it to be offered.

Eligibility: Ages four months to three years old, accompanied by an adultTimes: Thursdays from 11:00am to 11:30am and/or Sundays from 12:30pm to 1:00pm Number of Weeks/Thursdays: eight weeks (June 29th to August 17th) Number of Weeks/Sundays: eight weeks (July 2nd to August 20th)Cost: $83.00 for once a week                $115 for twice a week


Swim Lessons Program Ages two years of age and older (Weekday) (click to expand)

WHITE (2-7 years)

  • children must be 2 years old before the start of the session.
  • Jump from side with bubble on, unassisted
  • Swim 12 m (1 width) with bubble on, forward swimming arms with directional control.
  • Blow bubbles while swimming with bubble on.
  • Swim 2 m unassisted (no jump), face in the water.
  • Back float with head assistance

YELLOW (3-7 years)

  • Jump in, unassisted.
  • Demonstrate a front and a back glide – push off the wall, body at surface.
  • Swim 12 m unassisted with no bubble, face in water.
  • Front float and back float, unassisted (5 seconds).

GREEN (4-11 years)

  • Push off wall streamline with kick – 6 m.
  • Swim Front Crawl – 12 m (1 width) with face in water and arms out, begin breathing to the side
  • Endurance swim – 24 m continously.
  • Backstroke kick – 12 m (1 width) with head back and horizintal body position.
  • Rolling floats (front to back, back to front).
  • Retrieve item from bottom of pool.

RED (5-15 years)

  • Submerged push off into streamline kick.
  • Front Crawl – 25 m with breathing to the side, full arm extension and finished pull.
  • Backstroke kick – 25 m horizontal body position, feet break surface of water.
  • Backstroke – 12 m (1 width) with flat body position, straight arm recovery.

BLUE (6-16 years)

  • Push off wall streamline position (back).
  • Front crawl – 50 m bilateral breathing.
  • Backstroke – 25 m continuous and alternating arms.
  • Breaststroke kick – 25 m proper turnout of feet, forward propulsion.

BRONZE (7-16 years)

  • Front Crawl – 50 m proper catch, pull, finish
  • Backstroke – 50 m shoulder roll, steady kick
  • Breaststroke – 50 m coordination of pull-breathe-kick-glide
  • Introduction to starts

SILVER (8-16 years)

  • Front Crawl – 75 m
  • Backstroke – 75 m underwater arm action with catch-pull-finish
  • Breaststroke – 75 m proper arm mechanics and timing
  • Butterfly kick – 50 m legs together, full kick from hip
  • Introduction to butterfly arms
  • Introduction to flip turns

GOLD (9-16 years)

  • Front Crawl – 100 m
  • Backstroke – 100 m
  • Breaststroke – 100 m
  • Butterfly – 50 m proper arm mechanics and timing

Eligibility: The detailed requirements for each level are listed above. A child must master every skill at each level before progression to the next. In order to preserve the integrity of each class, we reserve the right to transfer children who are not in the appropriate level.
Times: five times a week – start time between 8:00am and 12:30pm (30-45 minutes in duration depending on level)
Number of Weeks: eight weeks (June 26th to August 18th) 
Cost: $120 for 3 week session, 90 for 2 week session


HYC Swim Team (click to expand)

The HYC swim team is the pool and playground’s largest program. It provides swimmers of all levels the opportunities to benefit from extra swimming instruction and to participate in at least seven A.L.P.S. (Association of Lakeshore Pools) swim meets. (For more information about A.L.P.S., see ) The swim team program has proven to be a great experience for swimmers who are new to swim meets as well as experienced, competitive swimmers.

The HYC swim team program emphasizes participation, physical fitness, skill development, self-esteem and team building. While the swim team prepares athletes for competition by focusing on endurance, stroke correction and racing skills, it does not replace lessons. The coaches recognize the various developmental stages of children and the value of participating in a non-critical environment. We do not believe that individual success should be determined solely by winning or losing.
Eligibility Requirements
The swim team is open to HYC members who:
have successfully completed Level Green swim level (recommended) andcan swim numerous lengths during a 45-minute practice
From a competition perspective, the team is categorized as follows:
8 and under (8 years of age or younger on June 26th of  2023)9 and 10 (9 or 10 years of age on June 26th of 2023)11 and 12 (11 or 12 years of age on June 26th of 2023)13 and up (13 years of age or older at June 26th of 2023)

Team Practices
The swim team practices on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for 30-45 minutes sessions from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm. The specific times, by category, will be assigned following registration.
On Thursdays, all swim team members have a “fun day” from 11:00 am to 11:30 am.
Number of weeks: eight weeks from June 26th to August 18thCost: $120.00


2023 Coaches & Volunteers (click to expand)

Coaches play a huge role in the success of our team. We have another great team of coaches this year under the leadership of head coach Ben Quellman.
Our volunteers help out by focusing on swim team tasks that don’t require coaching or swimming expertise. This year, our volunteers are:
Volunteer coordinator: Tara Doherty
A.L.P.S. Representative: Casey Fin-Lefsrud

The HYC swim team participates in seven dual swim meets over the course of the summer. The schedule for the 2023 season is as follows:
June 28th: VIK @ HYC
July 5th: HYC @ BDAC
July 12th: HYC @ BHILL
July 19th: No swim meet (night off)
July 26th: BHTS @ HYC
August 2nd: MWAC @ HYC
August 10th: HYC @ CEDAR
Based on official times achieved during the seven regular swim meets, the fastest swimmers will be selected to represent HYC at the A.L.P.S Section Finals to compete for the division championship. Finally, if any of our swimmers qualify for finals or consolations, they compete at the A.L.P.S Finals. Please note that these events run from roughly 8:00am to 1:00pm.
Saturday, August 12th, Section Finals: BHILL
August  19th, Finals: BDAC
Swim Meet Sign-Up Procedure
We understand that the summer is a busy time for everyone. As a result, we certainly do not assume that your child will be able to participate in every swim meet. With this in mind, the swim meet sign-up procedure is a simple one.
At the beginning of the season, you will notice a posting on the website entitled “2023 Swim Meet Sign-up”. On this posting, the dates for all of the swim meets and the names of all the swim team members are listed. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of each swimmer to sign up for each and all of the swim meets in which his or her swimmer will be participating.
For those of us who don’t know their summer plans at the beginning of the season, there is no need to worry. The 2023 Meet Sign-up remains posted all summer, so you can sign your swimmer up on a weekly basis so long as you do so by Monday at noon for each Wednesday meet. Similarly, if your swimmer is signed up for a meet but can no longer attend, please update the sign-up sheet no later than noon the Monday before the swim meet to indicate the change.
If your swimmer is not signed up by the procedure outlined above, the coaches will assume that s/he will not be at that week’s meet; i.e. the swimmer will not be able to compete.


Swim Meet (click to expand)

Qualification and Time Trials

Swim meets are made up of a series of events (i.e. Boys, 8 and under Butterfly, Girls, 13 and over Backstroke, etc.) that are broken down into a series of heats. The objective of each swim meets is to gain as many points as possible.
Appreciating that swim meets are competitive in nature; swimmer’s times are tracked in order to determine the start order for the first heat of each event. Swimmers competing in the first heat for an event will be selected based on the fastest time. Swimmers for additional heats will be selected based on participation, attitude, ability and lane availability at the hosting pool.
Heats are swum from fastest to slowest and there could be many heats of the same event (stroke) depending on the number of swimmers present that night. Points are counted from the first heat of each event in the following manner:

For individual events:
1st   – 10 points2nd – 8 points3rd – 5 points4th – 4 points

One relay per age group for each pool:
1st – 10 points2nd – 4 points

The pool with the most accumulated points at the end of the last event (boys 15 and over relay) wins the meet. Each Wednesday, by 1:00 pm, the swimmer’s board will be emailed. This outlines the events and heats that each swimmer will be swimming. HYC swim team coaches ensure that all swimmers signed up for a swim meet will compete in at least one event. Swimming in even one event contributes to the spirit of teamwork and inclusiveness.

What to expect

Swim meets are exciting and fun for not only the swimmers but for the spectators and volunteers as well. HYC has a great reputation for being engaged, supportive and vociferous supporters of our team.
Swimmers are expected to arrive by 6:15 pm so that they have adequate warm-up and cheering time. In this way, HYC supporters can make sure that they get a great seat too! Swim meets start at 7:00 pm.
Swim meets are organized so that the younger swimmers compete early, and older competitors have time slots later in the evening. In this way, younger swimmers can return home earlier in the evening if required. However, swimmers are expected to stay with their team until all of their events are over.
Swimmers receive a ribbon for each race successfully completed. These ribbons should be picked up from the ribbon table before leaving the meet.
Please note: Children 10 and under must be supervised by a parent or guardian during the swim meet. The coaches and lifeguards are responsible for coaching and making sure that swimmers are ready for their races – they cannot babysit.


The HYC Swim Team exists to provide a successful swim team experience, including a competition to its member swimmers.  This requires parent volunteers to complete a minimum of four volunteer obligations (for home or away meets) during the season.  Remember, it is the participation of families at the meets and all other aspects of the HYC Swim Team that make the program successful.  Without your assistance, the program would surely grind to a halt!
Signing up your child for the swim team means that you are game for some rewarding volunteer activities too. Many people are needed to run a swim meet smoothly and the HYC swim team has been fortunate over the years to have the outstanding support of the parents.
It is expected that each family will volunteer to work at a minimum of four regular meets during the course of the season. Parents must meet the minimum volunteer requirements in order for their children to participate in the swim meets.
Parents may either sign up for swim meets at the SWIM TEAM  pool meeting (date TBA) or they will be assigned positions and shifts. We will do our best to accommodate requests for particular positions and/or shifts. Keep in mind that his requirement is per family, not per swimmer.
Parents are REQUIRED to sign up for specific tasks that are crucial to the smooth, successful operation of our swim meets.
It will be the obligation of the parent/guardian to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator during the swim meet or event that you have signed up for to work. If you do NOT check in with the Volunteer Coordinator, you will not receive credit for working that particular meet or event.
The Volunteer Coordinator will keep a current record of what has been completed. It is the obligation of the parent/guardian to make sure that the record of participation is current and accurate.
DON’T WORRY!  Parents get “on the job” training for both operational and support activities; previous experience is NOT required! Parents will also be able to watch their children swim
If your child progresses to the Section Finals, you will be expected to volunteer at this event. This expectation applies to the Finals as well.

Final Swim Team Questions
To follow are answers to a few questions that are asked frequently throughout the season:
When is an appropriate time to talk to one of the coaches?
While coaches are on duty during practice, please respect the team and do not use this as an opportunity to conduct a conference about your swimmer. Our coaches have the full responsibility and safety of our entire team. Please talk to the coach after the practice has ended and schedule a specific time to meet if a longer discussion is required.
My son/daughter swam in an event beyond his/her category. Why?
Sometimes – due to vacations and scheduling conflicts – we do not have swimmers for a specific event (e.g. Boys, 9-10 Butterfly) at a meet. Rather than forfeit points for that event, we move a swimmer from a younger category (Boys, 8 and under Butterfly) into the older category if we have extra swimmers in the younger category. The coaches are careful to always confirm that this is OK with the swimmer and would never put the swimmer in an awkward position. Additionally, this situation provides the younger swimmers more opportunities to swim at a meet.
The water is too cold for my son/daughter. Do they need to go in?
Especially at the beginning of the season, the pool water can be a bit chilly. Rest assured that it does warm up after a week. Additionally, if the coaches deem the water to be too cold or the weather too nasty, they will arrange land practice.
Something came up, I can’t make the meet. Who do I call?
We understand that life happens and things can be unpredictable. If you are slated to be at a meet and you realize you can not attend (after the Monday at noon cut-off) please contact Blake Quellmann.
The weather is terrible. Is the swim meet still on?
Regardless of the weather (rain and thunder included), please show up for the meet. For a meet to be rescheduled, both teams must show up and be ready to compete. Additionally, the weather can change quickly and the meet may simply be delayed and start later in the evening.
Does the swim team enforce a uniform?
In short, no. However, we do encourage our swimmers to wear the HYC swim caps. Swim caps are available to purchase at the HYC office. No winter swim team caps are permitted.


Synchronized Swimming Lessons (click to expand)

HYC is pleased to offer synchronized swimming lessons to our members. This is a sport that combines swimming, dance, gymnastics and artistry. This program welcomes swimmers of all ages and various abilities that have achieved a minimum Level 5 and who are interested in learning the many skills of synchronized swimming.
Eligibility: Level 5 or higherPractice Times: once a week – Thursday from 11:30 am to 12:15 pmNumber of Weeks: 6 weeks (June 30  to August 8th)Cost: $80.00


Synchronized Swimming Team (not included in Family Pool Pass) (click to expand)

HYC participates in the  A.L.P.S. sponsored summer synchronized swimming competition. The teams will be selected based on age and skill through a MANDATORY two-hour-long tryout session (June 27th from 8:00 am to 10:00 am). A routine will be learnt throughout the summer and then performed at an A.L.P.S. competition in August. Additional practices will be added if needed.
As each member of the team is integral to the routine, attendance to at least 90 percent of the practices is required. Attendance will be taken. Finally, all team members must commit to participating in the  A.L.P.S. competition on  August 11th at noon @BHILL. Please note there will be an additional cost for a team bathing suit of approximately $60.00-$80.00.
Eligibility: Level 5 or higher and min. 7 years old; selection based on MANDATORY tryouts on June 27th from 8:00 am to 10:00 amPractice Times (please note that Teams Practice times may vary depending on registration): Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 am and/or 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm and/or Thursday between 11:30 am-1:00 pm (each team will practice 2-4 times per week depending on level)Number of Weeks: 7 weeks (June 27th to August 11th) Synchronized Swimming Meet: August 11th (all day event); BHILL Pool ~ starts at 12noon  Cost: $100.00
IMPORTANT: A routine will be learnt throughout the summer and will be performed at the competitions in August.  Each and every individual  is important to the success of the routine. The coaches ask that any individual wishing to participate in the program take this commitment seriously. The swimmers are required to commit to not missing more than 4 practices during the summer and attendance will be taken.



HYC is pleased to offer members the opportunity to participate in A.L.P.S organized water polo tournaments. Depending on age, members may participate in one of two tournaments. Please note that there needs to be a minimum of 10 players on each team to participate in each tournament. * DATE CHANGES POSSIBLE.
Atom Tournament
Eligibility: 10 years old or younger as of June 27th, 2023 (mixed teams)Practices Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pmNumber of Weeks: June 21, June 23, June 28, June 30, July 5, July 7, July 12, July 14Tournament Date and Time: Saturday, July 16th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (proceeding to the finals could mean a later end time) @ DIXIECost: $80.00

Bantam Tournament
Eligibility: 12 years old or younger as of June 27th, 2023 (mixed teams)Practices Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pmNumber of Weeks: June 21, June 23, June 28, June 30, July 5, July 7, July 12, July 14Tournament Date and Time: Saturday, August 6th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (proceeding to the finals could mean a later end time) @ VALCost: $80.00


Masters Swimming

Beyond the regularly scheduled adult swim times, HYC also offers a masters swimming program. Catering to our adult
members, this program offers stroke improvement and endurance building in a relaxed and supportive environment. Please note that there needs to be a minimum of 8 registrants in this program for it to be offered.
Eligibility: All adult members who can swim numerous lengths during a 1-hour practice.
Time: once a week ~ Mondays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Number of weeks: eight weeks (June 26  to August 14)
Cost: $74.00


Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion is available to all members 13 years of age and older who have completed all swim levels either through Red Cross or Olympic Way. This course is the first step in becoming a certified lifeguard. Students must complete a minimum number of hours in order to be eligible to receive certification. Please note that there needs to be a minimum of 5 registrants in this program for it to be offered. Please be prepared to attend all sessions as 100% attendance is mandatory.
Eligibility: 13 years of age and older as of July 1, 2023, completed swim levels either through Red Cross or Silver Olympic Way
Time: Saturdays from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm: July 1, July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29
Possible Exam date – TBA: August 5th (exact day and time to be determined based on availability of examiner)
Number of weeks: six weeks (including exam)
Instructor: Cierra Monaco
Cost: $215.00 (Please note that an additional materials fee is required for the handbook and final examination.)


Bronze Cross

Bronze Cross is the second step (after Bronze Medallion) in the Lifesaving Society Program. It is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and Instructor Certification. Students must complete a minimum number of hours in order to be eligible to receive certification. Please note that there needs to be a minimum of 5 registrants in this program for it to be offered. Please be prepared to attend all sessions as 100% attendance is mandatory.
Eligibility: completion of Bronze Medallion
Time: Sundays from 8:30 am-12:30 pm: July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30
Possible Exam date – TBA: August 5th (exact day and time to be determined based on availability of examiner)
Number of weeks: six weeks (including exam)
Instructor: Cierra Monaco
Cost: $215.00 (Please note that an additional materials fee is required for the handbook and final examination.)



The aquafit program offers members of all ages and fitness levels a cooling water workout. Each session features a warm-up, an aerobic routine, muscle training with noodles and/or water weights and a cool-down. Both the shallow and deep ends of the pool are utilized. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace while enjoying the sun, the view and some great music!

Time: 2 times a week – Monday, Wednesday and/or Tuesday, Thursday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Number of weeks: 8 weeks from June 26th to August 18th
Instructor: Janice Burdon
Cost: $110.00 2 times a week

NEW PROGRAM - Aqua-Intervals

Time: once a week – Sunday from 11:00am to 12:00pm
Number of weeks: 8 weeks from July 2nd to August 20th
Instructor: Johanne Vaillant
Cost: $55.00 


Leaders Program

This program is geared to children aged 10 and over. Leaders help out at home swim meets, have weekly meetings and participate in organized social activities. It is a great way to make friends and stay involved with the pool and playground.
Eligibility: children aged 10 and over as of June 26th, 2023
Time: once a week – Thursday 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Number of weeks: eight weeks from June 29th to August 17th (final meeting celebrates with a pizza party)
Cost: $45.00 (Leaders T-shirt will be available to purchase once the program begins. Minimum order required)


Family Pool Pass

The family pool pass is a great way for many families to save money when signing up for pool activities. With the Family Pool Pass you pay $575.00 for the season and your family can participate in as many activities as they wish.
Please note that the family pool pass does not include Synchro Team, Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross or AquaFit.
 Simply register for each individual program that you and your family members are interested in and if your total pool program activity choices exceed in value $550.00, the Family Pool Pass option will be applied to your account automatically.


Playground Activities

When your children are not swimming, they are welcome to join our animator in the playground and junior clubhouse for daily activities and special theme days. The animator creates an environment designed for sports enthusiasts, young artists and for junior members who want to relax and make new friends. All junior members are encouraged to participate.
However, a parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 7 and members are responsible for their children at all times. Please note that animators are not Daycare providers and if children under the age of 7 are left unattended, parents will be asked to pick them up right away.
Eligibility: All junior members
Time: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm with a 20-minute break for the animator for lunch
Number of weeks: 8 weeks from June 26th to August 18th
Animators: Sofia Lagimodiere

Keeping Informed Throughout The Summer

In order to make best use of the pool and playground programs, it is important to stay informed throughout the summer.

Special events, reminders and schedule changes are communicated in several ways:
Main HYC Website: The main website at provides links to all pool and playground programs.Bulletin Board: Located next to the pool area, the bulletin board displays posters for all upcoming events as well as a monthly calendaWhiteboard in Pool Area: Located by the main pool entrance, the whiteboard is updated daily to provide a quick overview of what is going on at the pool and playground that day.
Questions or Comments
Should you have any questions or comments regarding anything related to the Pool & Playground areas, please email our Lifeguards as of June 1st to or prior to June 1st. 
Parents are reminded that they should not be speaking to coaches while they are conducting lessons


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