Club commisSioning & SAILPAST


The Annual Sailpast is one of Hudson Yacht Club’s most important traditions.  The Sailpast affords us an opportunity to display the strength and vitality of our Club.  It also gives us a chance to pay our respects to the Commodore and by association, to the many members who contribute to the success of the Club.  All owners should ensure that their vessels take part in this review of the fleet.  Members and their families are heartily encouraged to participate.


Skippers and crew are expected to wear suitable dress for the Sailpast.   

Following the Sailpast on return to the harbour, skippers are encouraged to “dress” their boards.

Boats with Past Commodores aboard are asked to advise the Club office.






  • Assembly at Flagstaff
  • Commodore’s Call to Order
  • Commodore’s Address
  • Recognition of Past Commodores in Attendance
  • Introduction of Directors
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership Award
  • Presentation of Flag Officers’ Pennants
  • Raising of Flag
  • Briefing of SailPast & Commodore/Vice Commodore Race by Club Captain
  • Review of the Fleet by the Commodore
  • Flag and salute protocol




Commodore vs. Vice Commodore Annual Challenge Cup

Not to be defaced and not to be taken away without permission. The Cup that is-not the Commodore! “This notable and honorable Cup has a history with this community in as much as it has been through the millpond. It was originally won by one of the first armchair Admirals, Capt. Orclah N. Sicnarf, who tonight offers it as a token of his appreciation for many Charlie Sea Horses which he has suffered whilst taking part in past regattas of this club. 

It should be noted here that in past decades (more or less-more races lost and less races won) the donor received honorable mention for taking said Cup when he ought not to have done so. It was like this: His noted Punt was manned by seven stalwart sailors, Captain Sicnarf at the helm. As the crew has no sailing experience they used paddles stolen from various canoes and other craft. 

There were other sailing Punts without sails manned with broken oars and pieces of flat wood, but through some mighty manoeuvres Sicnarf’s craft forged ahead, crossing the finish line so far in advance of the other craft that the roof of the old Club House became warped from the noise of the applause raised by those who witnessed the great feet (- this word is purposely used in commemoration of the unusually large feet of old Sicnarf, who used them (unknown to any other person in the world) to propel his boat, except the donor of this Cup. 

Also unknown to any other person; the Old Captain had attached buckets to the bottom of his competitors boats and thus curtailed greatly the speed of their boats, this, of course was absolutely in order because there were no rules observed in yacht racing in those days and so Captain Orclah N. Sicnarf always won.”


The Commodore will be aboard the vessel HAROLD GILLMEISTER‘.


  • Fleets will rendezvous with the Thompson‘ Zodiac which will be positioned to provide a favorable approach to the saluting area about a quarter nautical mile from HAROLD GILLMEISTER‘.
  • At the start, the ‘Thompson‘ Zodiac will lead the SailPast followed by the Past Commodores, in chronological order, who will be the first to salute the Commodore.
  • All other fleets will follow promptly in no special order.



All participants shall sail smartly past the Commodore’s yacht maintaining a two boat length interval of open water and saluting in the following manner:

  1. Yachts flying the Canadian flag or ensign shall dip same.
  2. Others will luff jib.

The salute will commence one boat length before the Commodore’s yacht and will continue one length beyond.

Where possible, the skipper and entire crew shall face the saluting base.

Only the Commodore will salute by hand.


After clearing the saluting area, each participant will keep clear of the area until the review is completed and prepare to participate or watch the Halcro Challenge Cup Race.


Signal flags will be flown from the ‘Thompson’ Zodiac and accompanied by a sound signal.


A countdown will be announced via VHF Channel 71.

  •     14:55 Warning                    Blue Up
  •     14:59 Preparatory               Blue Down
  •     15:00 Start                          HYC Burgee Up


NOTE: Boats with Past Commodores aboard are asked to advise the Club office

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